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Circular Fountain

Circular Fountain

This circular fountain is centered in a circular drive and has lighting added for great night time effect.

Pond with two creeks and a fish cave

Union Pond

This pond includes two creeks and a fish cave to possibly harbor fish in the future.

Veterans Memorial pond at Squaxin Tribal Center

Veterans Memorial, Squaxin Tribal Center

This water feature replaced an existing feature. It was built as a memorial to Squaxin tribal member that have served in the military, and actually connects to a larger water feature at the Squaxin tribal center.

Pond at Squaxin Tribal Center

Squaxin Tribal Center

This pond was installed to capture the image of the Puget Sound, which represents the Squaxin tribe’s heritage. This project also includes a creek and a large wetland area that acts as the filter for the entire system. It is used as a place of gathering and reflection.

Creek and waterfall at Squaxin Tribal Center

Squaxin Tribal Center

This creek feeds into the pond at the Squaxin Tribal Center. This project also includes a large wetland area that acts as the filter for the entire system. It is used as a place of gathering and reflection.


Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains, Streams and Pools

Water features are very versatile and can also be formal or natural and both at the same time. Water features can be fountains, streams, pools, ponds or a combination of elements. Really the only limitations to water features are budget and space. Other than those two items, there are countless possibilities, looks, and functions that water features can provide. In most cases, some type of landscaping will be needed to create the look you want, so a budget for plants and other items you want to include should be considered as well as some type of irrigation for the planting.

Water features are subject to some regular maintenance and that as well should be considered when you are deciding what type of water feature would best suit your lifestyle. As a general rule, the larger the water feature, the more maintenance will be required. Evaporation in a water feature is a consideration, especially during the summer. But, it does not have to be hot for water to evaporate. Water movement, wind and temperature are all contributors to evaporation. Thankfully there are auto-fill devices that can be installed in projects of all sizes as a convenience for you to help relieve some of the required maintenance that goes into a water feature.

Ravine Turned into a Park-like Setting with Water Feature

raving softscaping with water feature

This park-like setting is actually a ravine between a home and a guest house on Steamboat Island, west of Olympia.

softscaping ravine during construction

This huge softscaping project was several months in the making...

before softscaping project

The project involved working with this naturally-flowing, seasonal creek and turning it into a park-like passthrough between and home and a guesthouse.

softscape ravine

Over 400 tons of rock, granite and large field stone was brought in to complete the project.

Pond water feature

Dreamscapes built this pond into the landscape to naturally feed off of the seasonal creek.

raving softscaping project

Now, instead of a muddy, murky ravine, there is easy passage between the main house and the guesthouse. The meandering trails and pond make for a relaxing stroll between the structures.




Tribal Center

pond at tribal center

Designed to appear natural and blend in with the surrounding forest, this pond also has two streams that feed into the main pond.

pond project and walking trails at tribal center

The pond project includes a variety of compementary elements, including landscaping, walking trails, low voltage lighting and other elements. There is also a small amphitheater with a firepit in the center.

Squaxin Island Tribal Center pond project

While your home or commercial landscaping project may not be on such a grand scale as the Squaxin Island property, this is a great example to demonstrate the possibilities available to you with our professional "dreamscaping" services.

Squaxin Island Tribal Center pond construction

The Squaxin Tribal Center pond project was a huge undertaking. The reservoir for the biofilter alone is 30 x 30 feet. The elaborate water circulation system includes several pumps to feed the numerous water features.



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Small Granite Waterfall

natural rock with water featurer

This remarkable transformation eliminated the slope, at the same time creating height for the water feature.

natural rock with water feature

Small water features like these are some of our most popular projects. They are relatively simple to build, yet a versatile use of space.

construction of natural rockery with water feature

Watch as we transform this small, ordinary landscaping bed into a flagstone path and water fountain.



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